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Fruit and Veggie Teddy Bear Keychain

Fruit and Veggie Teddy Bear Keychain

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Fruit or Veggie
Keyring Color
Custom fruit and veggie teddy bear keychains

Customize your keychain by choosing your polymer clay fruit or veggie option.

No two keychains will be exactly the same, it will be unique to you! This makes each one even more special.

Please see the last two photos for fruit and veggie options. Make sure you are choosing the correct option as there may be multiple variations of the same fruit or veggie!

- Each piece is handmade and will be unique to you. It may look different from the photo.
- Please try and avoid bright windows and direct sunlight on resin pieces as it can result in the resin turning yellow.
- Please check the processing time prior to purchasing.
- I am not responsible for any delayed shipping once I take your package to the post office. Once a package is shipped out it is up to the post office to deliver it on time.
- If you have any issues with your piece, please reach out to me directly
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